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New item for SALE!! ATV Tracks.
Standard Features
Super tough composite track assembly - light weight.
12 1/2" wide.
Tested under extreme temperatures and terrain.
1 or 2 cleats per link for maximum traction.
CAD design technology.
Will accommodate most 6x6 and 8x8 ATVs.
Tracks mount quick and easy.

Low cost shipping to Alaska now available
300-500$ to Fairbanks
300-500$ to Anchorage

Shipping to Canada by UPS, cost usually 225-450$ US

Worldwide shipping now available through a International Freight Consolidator

Application and price Chart.


Why do we not sell rubber tracks?

1) When you damage a rubber track, you must buy whole track, Whereas we stock the replacement segments for 25$ saving a 1500$ for each side of a rubber track.
2) Some of the rubber tracks being sold are not webbed together, just rubber bars going across the tire, providing no extra "lift" in soft surfaces.
3) Rubber tracks sometimes "peal" off, Check out this VIDEO, usually tearing the track.

Here is a VIDEO of how good our tracks operated in the swaps

ATV tracks

ATV track and cover

  Additional pictures in the Gallery.
ATV with tracks and windshield
Max IV with our track package
Hustler with tracks and rollbar
Hustler showing the tracks

Hustler with tracks and rollbar
ARGO BIGFOOT with our tracks, Also fits Conquest, Response, Vanguard, Magnum, Frontier, Advenger

Max II with tracks
Late model MAX IV waiting for winter!
Max II with tracksMax II with tracks and rollbar
MAX II with our complete track package

Hustler half tracks
Hustlers work well with half tracks

Hustler half tracks
Hydrotrax with our package too.

Hustler half tracks
Got My Tracks On My Argo And On My Trailer, On My Trailer I Had To Use The Two Extra That You Sent With My Order. Look Great, Work Great. Here Are Two Photos Of Them With The Track On. Up Here In Alaska: Lee Olsen

Half Tracks available for some machines,

single tracks section multiple tracks
Single section
Many sections linked together

Hey Richard,
"Just dropping you a line to let you know that the tracks I purchased for my Max IV work great! I'm able to hunt in the middle of a couple swamps that were previously inaccessible. Feel free to post my comments about the tracks. I've been trying pretty hard and haven't been able to get it stuck yet!" John Beimel

"Pics of my max 2 with tracks and a yellow plow on it. It's crazy how much snow you can move... it works great with your tracks on it". Michael Van Ginkel

Application and Price Chart
Machine Number of Track Links Tires and Wheel Extensions
5" Extensions 380$ for 6
Price Track Set for one machine
(Not including extensions, or tires)
Max II 56 21x11x8 Tires
5" Wheel Spacers
Max IV 62

21x11x8 Tires
5" Wheel Spacers

Argo 6x6 (standard) 56 21 or 22" Tires, (Stock tires OK) $1176
Argo 6x6 Bigfoot 60 21 or 22" Tires $1260
Argo 8x8
72 21 or 22" Tires (Stock tires OK) $1512
Argo 6x6 Frontier 66 Stock tires $1386
Argo ADVENGER 8x8 80 21 or 22" Tires $1680
Hustler 6x6 Full track 60 60 $1260
Hustler 6x6 Half track 40 21x11x8 Tires
1/2" Wheel Spacers
Attex 6x6 or 8x8 Call for application 21x11x8 Tires
Requires rear muffler
HOOT 6x6 60 21x11x8 Tires
5" Wheel Spacers
Hydro Traxx 6x6 66 21-23" Tires $1386
Land Tamer 66 Standard $1386

For additional information on these and other parts call 812-944-1643

Rawhide tires Chevron tires tire packages 5 inch extension for tracks
Rawhide for tracks
Chevron for tracks
Packages for tracks
5" Extensions for tracks
1/2" also available
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